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Office Professional Plus 2016 AIO Janeiro 2017


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Atualizado Janeiro 2017 Portugal Brazil

Maas Landsleute BrasileirosVamos compartilhar, ajude a semesesses arquivos!

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Microsoft Office 2016

Whether you’re working or playing, Microsoft is here to help you.

We are a company that owns Microsoft OfficeIncluding Office 365 Home,

Office365 Staff, Office Home Student 2016, Office Home Business 2016

And Office Professional 2016. You can also use Office for Mac. Whatever

You need professional or only for you, youHave done it.

Get Office now with you wherever you go, on all your devices

Office 365 at 365 subscription office gives you access to the most important services

Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and more on your computer,

Mac, tablet or smartphone. You also get a 1TB OneDrive storage cloud

Your photos, videos and documents, plus 60 minutes of Skype calls monthly

And technical support from Microsoft-trained experts at no extra cost.


Microsoft Office 2013 remains in Microsoft Office 2016,

Including features and shortcuts to the things you do the most

Create professional presentations, work with spreadsheets or

Word processing. And since the office in 2016,

Or to work with documents in the cloud, you can improve your efficiency and

Do a good job anywhere, anytime. Microsoft Office is much more powerful

Come with betterSupport as free software,

Like OpenOffice or Google Docs.

If you have a previous version of Office, includingOffice Home Student 2013,

Office Home Business 2013 and Office Professional 2013, upgrade time

According to Office 365 or Office2016. Browse our Microsoft Office products and find them

Perfect solution for your home and business requirements.

SkypeSign Up Account. Include special, premium and non-geographic numbers.

The CallsFor TelephonesOnly for certain countries. Skype minutes are available in the selection

Countries. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Installation and activation data:

Mount or save ISO in the CD image folder

1. Start from the root of the CD / image

2 (See „1.
Installation (main page) .png“ in the operating instructions)

Select the argument to use 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)

Then click Install Office

Wait while Office opens. Installyour system

When you’re done

3. (see figure „Call (wizard tab) .png“ in the command folder)

Click Office RETAIL VL (this will convert the installation to Volume Licensing Channel)

4. (see „3. Enable (Utilities tab) . Adobe Master Collection CC 2017 x86-x64 download
png“ in the command folder)

Click Enable Office

If not, you’ll get an error in the log window below, you’ll need it now

A full featured edition and Work Desk 2016 Edition


  • Office Professional Plus 2016 free download torrent
  • Office Professional Plus 2016 torrent download

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